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Your Executive Opportunity to Belong to an Elite group of Women | taught by Sandra Bravo
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Amasssing Inner Circle – Your Exclusive Opportunity

The Amasssing Inner Circle is an exclusive opportunity limited to a restricted group of 7 Amasssing women worldwide… who are committed to living life at their highest level.

When you join this elite family you’ll have the opportunity to network with and learn directly from Sandra Bravo and master teachers from around the world who are experts in their field… all while travelling to spectacular destinations around the world.

And best of all… the Amasssing Inner Circle will be your new family!

Together you’ll support, nurture and grow together, while creating unique memories you’ll share for a lifetime.

Members of the Amasssing Inner Circle family get exclusive invitations for three incredible adventures per year.

Imagine travelling to the golden beaches of Australia, the unspoilt jungles of Bali, the Maya empire pyramids in Mexico, the Stunning City of San Diego or even a magical Caribbean Cruise… while you learn, develop and grow your business & personal life!

In addition as a member of the Amasssing Inner Circle family, you’ll also attend the world-wide Amassing Women’s Retreats, which have been created to empower women.

And finally…

The Amasssing Inner Circle connects monthly on regular video calls to keep each other accountable and ultimately to support one another in reaching their goals.

Do you remember a time when…

You dreamt of what your life would be like?

You dreamt of who you’d marry. How many children you’d have. What career, or business you’d have. Where you would live, travel and play.

Well, that’s exactly the reason Sandra Bravo conceived this family.

The Amasssing Inner Circle was created to support, nourish and develop you to reach your dreams.

Because there is no greater luxury than a fulfilled life.

The Amasssing Inner Circle family is an exceptional group of extraordinary women committed to reaching personal and professional achievement, and to giving back and sharing with each other.

Meet Elite Experts

Attend the next Amasssing Inner Circle event to join an elite group of entrepreneurs, innovators, change agents, and sales & marketing experts!

Collaborate & Contribute

A unique experience that allows you to be both the student and the teacher as you learn and share sales, marketing and business strategies to be a better entrepreneur.

Grow Your Connections

Gain more confidence, capabilities, and direction while connecting with other high-level entrepreneurs from around the globe.

2017-2018 Amasssing Inner Circle Mastermind (12 month program)

A Year of Transformation for Women

Upon acceptance to the program you’ll receive:

  • Admission to 2 luxury retreats for women only (this is where we work on your mindset, confidence, self-esteem & leadership)
  • Admission to 2 masterminds (this is where we work on your business)
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls
  • A Welcome / Induction Call
  • One on one monthly calls with Sandra herself
  • One 4 hour strategy make over session with one of our Amasssing Founding Leaders
  • Ideal Avatar Session with Sandra: Get clear on your target audience and what their wants, needs, and desires are.
  • 3 x Spiritual & Holistic Healing Sessions with my own healer: To remove emotional blocks & Discover how to unlock your intuition and use it as your guide
  • Access to the 21 day Productivity Secrets Course from one of my own mentors: Schedule your calendar efficiently and create a productive routine to ACCOMPLISH
  • Access to my Amasssing Signature Speech Part I: To learn how to deliver your key message in an authentic & powerful way in ANY situation
  • Access to my Amasssing Signature Speech Part II: Dive deep into all the elements necessary to create value-filled webinars that convert your fans into clients
  • 3 x Group Sessions with my very own Amasssing Copywriter to Create compelling copy not only for your site, but for your emails, blog posts and social media, too!
  • 3 x Holistic Sessions with my Amasssing Relationships Expert on how to improve your personal & professional relationships to create fulfillment in your life
  • High-quality recordings of all group coaching sessions in case you can't attend live
  • Access to our Amasssing Online University with video tutorials, referrals for outsourcing work, being able to share information with one another or the group.
  • Access to my personal, professional network because while the Internet is powerful, RELATIONSHIPS are still paramount to turning your vision into a reality. My network of professionals (which includes book publishers, expert copywriters, publicists, marketers and web designers just to name a few) becomes your professional network.)
  • Unlimited access to all my Amasssing Signature Programs for a year
  • Select business books and other goodies I’ll send you over the course of the year via snail mail, because who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?!? Plus, I’m determined to keep you motivated and engaged.
  • Personal access to me by phone, text message, skype, email, as needed – because sometimes you just can’t wait for that push you need to show up and I want to make sure you get it. (Priceless!!!!)
  • Look over my shoulder for everything I implement in the growth of my own business: Develop the mindset for success and work with clients that light you up :-)


In addition to all of the above inclusions you will also have:


Done-For-You Design of your new brand and logo by a Professional Graphic Designer

Done-For-You AUTHORITY WEBSITE installed and published

Done-For-You YouTube channel designed and published online

Done-For-You Facebook Fan Page designed and published online

Design & Set-up of your virtual presentation to be interviewed by Sandra to her list

Set-up and connect social networks and channels (Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram) all branded for you

Webinar Design and Recording to be played as EverWebinar to sell your product or service ONGOING for a full year

AND the best of all, choose A or B as per below:


+ Become a Best Seller Published Author, you share your expertise and we will take care of the rest

+ Attend the next Celebrity Bootcamp at Mike Koenigs Studio in San Diego, California 13-15 September, to gain MASSIVE Exposure, have your professional expert reel and be seen as the Expert in your industry (more details here:

+ Get exclusive invitations to be interviewed in Expert PODCASTS that help you grow your list of clients and fans around the world



+ Join Sandra as her guest in attending The Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard in Santa Clara, CA 26-29 October

+ Join Sandra as her guest in attending The Reach Academy Live with Pete Vargas in the beautiful mountains of Colorado Springs 9-11 November as a VIP and Compete for a final spot at the Speak-Off where you get critiqued as a speaker and invaluable Feedback From Expert Judging Panel of Meeting Planners

+ Join Sandra as her guest in attending Susan Bratton’s Annual Mastermind in San Diego in Feb 2018

+ Get exclusive invitations to be interviewed in Expert PODCASTS that help you grow your list of clients and fans around the world

Sandra Bravo
Sandra Bravo
Entrepreneur, International Speaker & #1 Bestselling Author

Click here to Download >> Sandra Bravo's BIO

Amazing YOU is the best way to help Women shift their thinking from "I'm not good enough" to believe in themselves and go for it, because so many opportunities can be unlocked with a bit of confidence!

Amassing YOU really looks at what women can do to help themselves, and make the small changes in their life that helps them find their voice and become strong enough to follow their true calling.

In this book, Sandra Bravo teaches a unique set of behaviors and habits -- 100 of them -- that allows women to stop the sabotage, she helps you eliminate these unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back and offers invaluable coaching tips you can easily incorporate into your daily social and business life.

If you recognize and change the behaviors that say "girl" not "woman", the results will pay off in carrer opportunites you never thought possible and in an image that identifies you as someone with the power and know-how to lead the life of your dreams.

Sandra, an international speaker, is making a great contribution in an area that is very important today: The role of women in the world….In today’s globally competitive world, an important factor for success amongst women is the ability to develop self-confidence and stand out from the rest.

Sandra’s work will guide you through a simple process over the next 100 days to boost your confidence and to take a leap of faith to finally start living the life of your dreams, with a series of small habits that produce great results.

AmaSSSing YOU is a powerful community of women that has members worldwide who support one another and protect each other’s confidence. Public recognition which is one of the powerful processes in this book is an endorsement that goes a long way in inspiring other women, boosting confidence and increasing productivity.

Positivity and confidence are the key factors of this book that can inspire women to become successful and fulfilled.

This book is for women who want to be more successful and fulfilled because at the end of 100 days you will have more confidence in yourself and seek opportunity to drive change.

AmaSSSing YOU gives you the tools to overcoming roadblocks in life, to jump over them and think big.

Sandra Bravo offers a powerful and inspiring book that explores how to cultivate the courage, compassion, CONFIDENCE and connection to embrace your imperfections and to recognize that you are good enough.

Sandra Bravo shares a very easy way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness. In this 100 days, Sandra engages our minds, hearts, and spirits to develop a new CONFIDENT YOU, allowing you to believe that you are worthy of love and belonging.

Sandra creates a deep emotional connection with her readers. Each chapter will trigger numerous "ah-Ha!" moments because the perspectives in AmaSSSing YOU ring true, and Sandra re-labels certain attitudes and experiences in a way that's both startling and, importantly, hopeful. The results that Sandra Bravo presents in this easy to read book are nothing short of fascinating, and they function not as a how-to manual for quickly fixing an out-of-balance life, but as a set of powerful tools with which to cultivate a richer, more fully engaged and connected life with a new CONFIDENT YOU!

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