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Are you tired of the same financial concerns year after year?

Are you ready to commit to amassing the wealth you deserve in your life so that you can make a difference in the world and finally become FINANCIALLY FREE?


If you are like many of the women I know, then you are an incredibly talented woman who is deserving of all the wealth coming your way, but you just haven't been able to open the flood gates of financial abundance.

And... you are more than likely often thinking about WHETHER YOU TRULY DESERVE to be wealthy!

How do I know this? Because I speak to women every day of my life about this. I know that the ladies I speak to WANT wealth so that they can do the work they are called to DO. I also know that at the same time, maybe just like you, they question their worth.

You and I both know that your mindset is so important when it comes to opening up the flood gates of wealth INTO YOUR LIFE... AND, you can have the best mindset in the world, HOWEVER without taking action and without feeling WORTHY, you will continue to STRUGGLE FINANCIALLY!

Whatever you have done so far has gotten you to where you are and what you have right now, it is time to MAKE THE DECISION TO CHANGE, LEARN FROM OTHERS AND BE MENTORED so that you can finally make it happen!

And there is only so long you can hang onto a positive mindset, when you are not getting the results!

Amasssing Money Matters is about keeping you on track with your mindset, AS WELL AS, opening up your mind and your eyes to the infinite opportunities that are out there for you to create your wealth.

And not only that, the program will introduce you to MANY different ways of earning a passive income, of having multiple sources of income and learning HOW TO MANAGE YOUR MONEY!

Because lets face it, you dont want to be exchanging your precious time for money forever!

If you want to make a massive difference in this world, you will need a number of sources of passive income, so that when you are pursuing your dream, your finances don't dry up, which would mean having to go back and get a full time job again! There is nothing worse than the NEED for money just to run your daily life, to eat away at your dreams! So... let's sort out your money flow so that you can BE the difference in the world, and you can impact LOTS of lives, not just the ones you have time to on your day off!

Let's Make YOU a MONEY MAGNET, shall we?

Let me ask you this. If you were to receive $1,200 tomorrow that you were not expecting, what would you do with it?

In a recent survey done for women, we asked exactly this question. Here is what the answers were:

  • Treat my family to a weekend away
  • Pay my debts down
  • Pay for dance classes
  • I would take my family on a holiday
  • A nice meal, a massage, and then a float therapy session
  • Invest into my business
  • Buy a new airconditioner
  • Pay for flights to go overseas
  • Celebrate my wedding anniversary

Only a small handful of women said that they would invest the money, or pay down debt.

If you had answered invest it, then great! But most women, when they receive an amount of money they weren't expecting, will end up spending it on something that Robert Kiyosaki would call a "doodad". That is something that feels good in the moment, but does nothing to get you closer to financial freedom.

And why do they do this? Because the don't have a strategy for amassing wealth! If they had a goal to save money to buy a business, or invest in shares, or buy real estate, they would put ANY additional money into their savings plan - because they had a plan. And without the plan, they end up spending the money, and staying on the hamster wheel, of trading time for money, and getting further and further from away their dream to change the world.

So if you know that you want to do things differently. If you know that you have a massive goal to fulfil on this earth, but you just don't know how yet, then the Amasssing Money Matters program is perfect for you.

As well as developing a conscious money mindset, you will learn how to:

  • Create a savings plan for yourself so that you can start to get on track to financial freedom
  • Manage your mindset to support your new money consciousness
  • Develop a budget so that you have more money to SAVE every month
  • Assess your level of risk adversity so that you choose investment strategies to suit you
  • Analyse investment opportunities, and understand financial lingo!
  • Decide on the best types of wealth building models for you.

The AmaSSSing Money Matters program is a combination of learning, and taking practical steps to get you closer to your financial goals, so that you can go out and do the work you were born to do, without allowing money to be the reason you don't do it!

Join a community of like-minded women who have a heart-centred reason for wanting to amass their wealth!

Sandra Bravo
Sandra Bravo
Entrepreneur, International Speaker & #1 Bestselling Author

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Amazing YOU is the best way to help Women shift their thinking from "I'm not good enough" to believe in themselves and go for it, because so many opportunities can be unlocked with a bit of confidence!

Amassing YOU really looks at what women can do to help themselves, and make the small changes in their life that helps them find their voice and become strong enough to follow their true calling.

In this book, Sandra Bravo teaches a unique set of behaviors and habits -- 100 of them -- that allows women to stop the sabotage, she helps you eliminate these unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back and offers invaluable coaching tips you can easily incorporate into your daily social and business life.

If you recognize and change the behaviors that say "girl" not "woman", the results will pay off in carrer opportunites you never thought possible and in an image that identifies you as someone with the power and know-how to lead the life of your dreams.

Sandra, an international speaker, is making a great contribution in an area that is very important today: The role of women in the world….In today’s globally competitive world, an important factor for success amongst women is the ability to develop self-confidence and stand out from the rest.

Sandra’s work will guide you through a simple process over the next 100 days to boost your confidence and to take a leap of faith to finally start living the life of your dreams, with a series of small habits that produce great results.

AmaSSSing YOU is a powerful community of women that has members worldwide who support one another and protect each other’s confidence. Public recognition which is one of the powerful processes in this book is an endorsement that goes a long way in inspiring other women, boosting confidence and increasing productivity.

Positivity and confidence are the key factors of this book that can inspire women to become successful and fulfilled.

This book is for women who want to be more successful and fulfilled because at the end of 100 days you will have more confidence in yourself and seek opportunity to drive change.

AmaSSSing YOU gives you the tools to overcoming roadblocks in life, to jump over them and think big.

Sandra Bravo offers a powerful and inspiring book that explores how to cultivate the courage, compassion, CONFIDENCE and connection to embrace your imperfections and to recognize that you are good enough.

Sandra Bravo shares a very easy way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness. In this 100 days, Sandra engages our minds, hearts, and spirits to develop a new CONFIDENT YOU, allowing you to believe that you are worthy of love and belonging.

Sandra creates a deep emotional connection with her readers. Each chapter will trigger numerous "ah-Ha!" moments because the perspectives in AmaSSSing YOU ring true, and Sandra re-labels certain attitudes and experiences in a way that's both startling and, importantly, hopeful. The results that Sandra Bravo presents in this easy to read book are nothing short of fascinating, and they function not as a how-to manual for quickly fixing an out-of-balance life, but as a set of powerful tools with which to cultivate a richer, more fully engaged and connected life with a new CONFIDENT YOU!

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