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Do you want to make a MASSIVE difference in the world by sharing your message? | taught by Sandra Bravo
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Have you got a message that is bursting to come to life through you?

And do you want to make a MASSIVE difference in the world?

If so, you are in the right place, and I am so excited for you!

To get your message out, and make a massive difference in the world, you are going to have to become Amasssing at delivering your message in a way that moves people.

How do you move people? By having a clear message, communicating it with passion and emotion, and telling your audience exactly what you want them to do -and all of this, in just 5 minutes!

Let me ask you this - if you were given the chance right now to tell Oprah Winfrey (or your ideal client) exactly what you do, and what your all important message is – in just five minutes, could you do it?

And if you could, how would you know that you had made a positive impact, and moved her?

This is why Signature Speech is a must for you if you are passionate about getting your message across, and creating the opportunities for yourself that will mean your message gets heard.

During this 2 day intensive program, you will:

  • Get clarity on your all important message so that you can deliver it with grace and ease
  • Present your 5 minute presentation to other women who want you to succeed
  • Get feedback from your audience to build your confidence and clarity
  • Listen to your peers and provide feedback, which will grow your own skills

Before this 2 day intensive, you will meet your group of passionate colleagues online, so that you can practice with them, and develop your speaking skills even before you attend the Signature Speech.

During your online learning sessions, you will learn:

  • What makes an Amasssing presentation
  • What you need to do to evoke emotion in your audience
  • The principles of an inspiring and moving presentation
  • To speak your message with clarity and confidence.

Like Michelle Obama says, “If you don’t prioritise yourself, you constantly start falling lower on your list.” And if you are like the 85% of women who doubt themselves, and underestimate the impact that they have in this world, then it’s likely the message inside of you, will end up staying there, and never impacting on the hundreds of people who you could move with your message.

The difference between this course and the hundreds of other speaker trainings available is that this course is not about teaching you WHAT to say. This course is about you tapping into your authentic self, so that the REAL YOU can shine through. And this is the ONLY way for you to connect on a meaningful level with your audience, in a way that is completely genuine, and they get to see you for who you truly are, not for some one that has been trained on exactly what to say.

So, if you message is too important to just leave in your head, and you want to move people and make a difference in their lives, then Signature Speech is a must for you.

Because of the exclusive nature of this event, there are only 9 Amasssing women who can book in so that I can offer individual, specific, constructive feedback, in a safe and supportive environment, so that you can grow at a rapid rate, and make a difference in this world.

This means that as a participant of the Signature Speech, you will have individual attention, and will have the chance to present your speech, and receive feedback from your leader, and the other skilled participants.

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But don't take our word for it! Here is what past Amasssing Ladies have said about Signature Speech

Lisa Ormenyessy - Intuitive Energy Artist

"When speaking to others I now know they ‘get’ how I can help them and where it is I sit in the marketplace. I would recommend Sandra’s Signature Speech training to anyone who knows they were born to speak, but are struggling with the clarity of their message. The process was tough but oh so worthwhile; as a result my confidence levels have increased and my message is more compelling and succinct. Thanks Sandra! Lisa Ormenyessy - Intuitive Energy Artist

Irene Scott - Peak Business Strategies

"Sandra’s high level speaker training program, The Amasssing Signature Speech Program, is exceptional. Before joining this group I was nervous speaking on a webinar, not sure how to engage with my audience or how to deliver it. While doing this program I had the opportunity to not only give a 30 minute talk that engaged a roomful of inspiring women, but I was chosen to speak in front of 3,000 people… using the skills Sandra taught me. Now I love speaking on webinars! Sandra’s insight is invaluable. She is able to see what the issues are, what holds you back and gives the right tips, tools and strategies to move you beyond your block. The program is challenging… it definitely pushed me! But it’s also very rewarding. I’d recommend this program for anyone who speaks in public and feels they don’t know what to say or how to say it to engage people. Sandra has designed a unique program that develops speaking skills as well as creating a unique environment with a supportive and encouraging group." Irene Scott - Peak Business Strategies

Jacque Opie - Relationships Expert

As a professional speaker, I have done many workshops to develop my skills in connecting to my audience with passion and from the heart. This is the first one that I have done that focuses in on how to connect deeply with the audience, to come from your heart, and to really get into the space of each person in the room. I would highly recommend working with Sandra Bravo. She is a dynamic, fun, heart centered leader, and she has so much to offer. Jacque Opie - Love Tutor.

Shirley Dalton from Dalton Business Services

Emily Greenaway from Empower You TV

Jane Rushton - Life Coach and Speaker

The signature speech was great for me as I have never spoken about my story and what I want to offer others to create more happiness in there life. I do public speaking however it is so different when it is all about me and how I can help others. I had the ideas but struggled with how to get the information across to an audience that will make people interested in me helping them. The hangouts prior to the Signature Speech were really great. I would recommend the SS and will do it again as the general feedback from the group that did it was supportive and helpful. Jane Rushton - Life Coach and Speaker

Sue Moore - Health & Nutrition

Michelle Bassett - From Trainers in Training Coaching Business

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Sandra Bravo
Sandra Bravo
Entrepreneur, International Speaker & #1 Bestselling Author

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Amazing YOU is the best way to help Women shift their thinking from "I'm not good enough" to believe in themselves and go for it, because so many opportunities can be unlocked with a bit of confidence!

Amassing YOU really looks at what women can do to help themselves, and make the small changes in their life that helps them find their voice and become strong enough to follow their true calling.

In this book, Sandra Bravo teaches a unique set of behaviors and habits -- 100 of them -- that allows women to stop the sabotage, she helps you eliminate these unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back and offers invaluable coaching tips you can easily incorporate into your daily social and business life.

If you recognize and change the behaviors that say "girl" not "woman", the results will pay off in carrer opportunites you never thought possible and in an image that identifies you as someone with the power and know-how to lead the life of your dreams.

Sandra, an international speaker, is making a great contribution in an area that is very important today: The role of women in the world….In today’s globally competitive world, an important factor for success amongst women is the ability to develop self-confidence and stand out from the rest.

Sandra’s work will guide you through a simple process over the next 100 days to boost your confidence and to take a leap of faith to finally start living the life of your dreams, with a series of small habits that produce great results.

AmaSSSing YOU is a powerful community of women that has members worldwide who support one another and protect each other’s confidence. Public recognition which is one of the powerful processes in this book is an endorsement that goes a long way in inspiring other women, boosting confidence and increasing productivity.

Positivity and confidence are the key factors of this book that can inspire women to become successful and fulfilled.

This book is for women who want to be more successful and fulfilled because at the end of 100 days you will have more confidence in yourself and seek opportunity to drive change.

AmaSSSing YOU gives you the tools to overcoming roadblocks in life, to jump over them and think big.

Sandra Bravo offers a powerful and inspiring book that explores how to cultivate the courage, compassion, CONFIDENCE and connection to embrace your imperfections and to recognize that you are good enough.

Sandra Bravo shares a very easy way of engaging with the world from a place of worthiness. In this 100 days, Sandra engages our minds, hearts, and spirits to develop a new CONFIDENT YOU, allowing you to believe that you are worthy of love and belonging.

Sandra creates a deep emotional connection with her readers. Each chapter will trigger numerous "ah-Ha!" moments because the perspectives in AmaSSSing YOU ring true, and Sandra re-labels certain attitudes and experiences in a way that's both startling and, importantly, hopeful. The results that Sandra Bravo presents in this easy to read book are nothing short of fascinating, and they function not as a how-to manual for quickly fixing an out-of-balance life, but as a set of powerful tools with which to cultivate a richer, more fully engaged and connected life with a new CONFIDENT YOU!